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There are 9 million people living in Sweden, 85 000 of which are living with prostate cancer. There are 10 000 new cases every year and 2 400 die because of their illness.

The Swedish Prostate Cancer Federation is a national federation constituted by 8 800 member in 26 regional associations. The office consists of three employees and a board with 9 members, personally elected at the yearly assembly. Our mission is to offer fellowship to men with prostate cancer and the people close to them and demand a better medical care. We want to influence decision makers and the general public to act against prostate cancer.
We want prostate cancer survivors to be able to live a full life after they’ve been treated and not live a life of pain or despair. We want to defeat prostate cancer! 

If you want to know about what we are doing you could read our Annual Report 2013.

Download a presentation and contact details of The Swedish Prostate Cancer Federation.
Download a basic outlook of the Swedish Federation of Prostate cancer Associations: Good Prostate Cancer Care – a specification of requirements.

If you want to know more, please contact the office

- Anette Söderberg, telephone: +(00)468-655 44 39
- Torsten Tullberg, telephone: +(00)468-655 44 30, +(00)4676-48 83 00
or e-mail:

  • Stöd kampen mot prostatacancer